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StrategyWire is a next-generation research toolkit that accurately filters and presents ranked News and user-generated Blogs in a highly contextual and easily-analysed format.


  • Saves you time – intelligently indexes and presents all the M&A, VC, partnership news, commercial activity and rated blogs across the global TMT landscape.
  • Stimulates ideas – makes it easy for you to see who are the hot new companies, and who are the innovators, to drive your acquisition, partnership and investment strategies.
  • Provides clarity – our visual TMT industry map helps you see what this complex, converging TMT industry really looks like, helping to align strategic decision-making.
  • Reduces risk – provides an ‘early warning system’ on deal rumours and potential PR hazards through the informed ‘leader’ blogs tracked by our analysts.
  • Enhances sales – helps your sales teams create prospect lists, and ups their knowledge of the market, thereby differentiating them from your competitors to win more pitches.

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