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MEF N America

The N America division of MEF was conceived in April 2002 to empower the entertainment industry and all relevant players to identify the best technology, legal content usage protocols and demonstrable revenue opportunities for fulfilling the promise of the growing mobile market. The founding board included EMI, Moderati, AG Interactive, QPass, Warner Music Group and Qualcomm and was led by Ralph Simon.

MEF N America has established itself as a thought leader at entertainment and technology conferences, such as CTIA, Digital Hollywood, NATPE and others, by co-programming panel tracks on mobile industry trends. Invitation-only events, such as the networking party at CTIA IT & Wireless 2006, bring together the “who’s who” of mobile and entertainment in an exclusive, informal setting.

Moving forward, the Los Angeles-based division is turning an eye towards regional issues as they arise in the marketplace and in government. Child protection, content advisory labels and copyright protection are all matters central to Hollywood and critical to successfully adopting entertainment to the mobile platform. MEF N America works closely with major entertainment trade associations RIAA, AFI and MPAA and technology-focused groups DiMA and the Digital Watermarking Alliance to lend support on mutual concerns and unify both industries.

MEF N America has localized and is leading key initiatives. The Ad-Funded Mobile Entertainment Initiative produced a VIP panel event at Digital Hollywood Santa Monica and is working to conduct a case study of the viability and consumer acceptance of content funded wholly or in part by advertising. The Education Initiative specializes in producing events that increase the traditional entertainment industry’s understanding of the mobile platform.

The diversity of companies represented on the MEF N America board reflects the membership at large and places the N America division at an advantage to address the concerns of all constituents. Through initiatives, policy and events, MEF N America continues to bridge the divide between traditional entertainment companies and the leaders in the mobile industry who will help shape their future.  


MEF N America General Manager

Marjorie DeHey Daleo
MEF North America General Manager

For over 15 years, Marjorie has held high-level positions in marketing, business development and corporate strategy for a number of small and large firms, including MediaMojos, where she closed significant deals with major carriers and studios, and the Irish government, where she was the Senior VP – Digital Media, Wireless and Entertainment for Enterprise Ireland and headed up that organization’s Los Angeles office. While there, Marjorie spearheaded the development of the entertainment and digital media sector in Ireland to increase export sales and helped start-ups generate over $75 million in new business in 4 years.

Previous to Enterprise Ireland, Marjorie worked as a Competitive Intelligence Marketing Manager at LexisNexis and as a Legal Affairs Attorney at MGM Studios, specializing in rights acquisitions and pre-production negotiations.

Marjorie has spoken nationally on branding, strategic acquisitions and emerging new media technologies. She holds an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Business, J.D. from California Western and a B.A. from Cornell University.


MEF N America Board of Directors

  Gary Schwartz
  MEF N America Chair
  CEO, Impact Mobile



As CEO of Impact Mobile, a leading Canada-based mobile marketing solution provider, Gary has long recognized the value of deepening the footprint of MEF Americas into the Canadian mobile industry. His positions as chair and founder of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association's Mobile Content Committee and the Interactive Advertising Board's mobile committee in Canada and the US afford him a unique opportunity to move between each country with ease.
Recently, Gary has been developing policy and educational strategy and presented at the Federal Trade Commission town hall in Washington, DC. 

  Sanjaya Krishna
  MEF N America Vice-Chair
  Principal & US Digital Services Leader, KPMG, LLP



Sanjaya Krishna is a Principal in the Information Communications and Entertainment practice at KPMG LLP.  He has over 16 years experience in the telecommunications industry covering a variety of operational areas information systems, billing, network management and business development.  Sanjaya has also worked as a Big 4 advisor to the telecom and media industries with project work covering a wider variety of operational areas.  He has led projects at companies in the US, Asia and Latin America.  Over the last 5 years, Sanjaya’s work has more closely focused on media and telecommunications companies digital content businesses. Sanjaya currently serves as KPMG LLP’s US Digital Services Leader.  He has spoken at numerous external and KPMG-client internal conferences on the topic of digital content.  He has also been a primary author on the topic of digital content for KPMG-authored and external publications.  Prior to joining KPMG, Sanjaya worked at Terabeam, a Seattle, WA-area company providing telecommunications services utilizing leading-edge IP data networking technology in addition to leading-edge free-space optics technology. He also worked in the Advisory practice of Arthur Andersen from 1996 and 2000 and at MIDCOM Communications, a long-distance reseller from 1993 to 1996, both also in Seattle, WA.  Sanjaya started his career in 1987 as a Financial Analyst at The Marriott Federal Employees Credit Union in the Washington, DC area.  He is happy to have been elected to the MEF Americas board where he can more prominently continue his contribution to efforts supporting MEF’s mission.

  Richard Berger
  SVP, Global Digital Strategy and Operations
  Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Richard Berger is the SVP of Global Digital Strategy and Operations at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. 
Mr. Berger recently joined the newly formed Global Digital and Commercial Innovation Group within Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE).  He is responsible for developing digital strategy and overseeing digital distribution operations.  His focus is on developing new digital usage models, applications and services that both increase the overall value proposition for SPHE digital media and contribute to the growth of the overall digital business. He also is responsible for evaluating emerging platforms and disruptive technologies that create new digital business opportunities. 
Before joining SPHE, Berger was SVP New Media & Technology at Sony Pictures Entertainment where he was responsible for establishing digital policy across all Sony Pictures digital distribution businesses. He also was one of the principle architects of DECE and helped launch the consortium.
Berger previously worked in the Sony Digital Entertainment department and the office of the CTO at Sony Corporation of America (SCA), where he was responsible for digital media strategy and anti-piracy efforts. He also worked in SCA’s Interactive Services Group and Sony Music Entertainment’s New Media Department where he developed Sony Music’s first Enhanced CDs.
Before joining Sony, Berger worked in the Interactive Multimedia Practice at Anderson Consulting (now Accenture) and at Bell Communications Research as a Member of the Technical Staff. He has a Master’s Degree in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU’s Tisch Graduate School of the Arts and a BA in Computer Science from Rutgers College.

  Ron Czerny
  Founder & CEO



As founder, chief executive officer and board member, Ron Czerny (pronounced “Cher-nee”) serves as the visionary and driving force behind PlayPhone’s corporate strategy. His more than 14 years of experience in the digital entertainment industry has allowed Czerny to help establish PlayPhone’s dominance in the mobile media industry and has positioned the company to compete and thrive on a global scale.
In 2000, Czerny founded Atrativa, a mobile and Internet consumer entertainment company with operations based mainly in Latin America as chief executive officer, Czerny led Atrativa to its current status as the premier Web game provider in South America, powering several major ISPs including UOL (South America’s largest ISP), Yahoo! Brazil, AOL Brazil, MSN Brazil, Ibest (Telecom Brazil), Terra Networks (North and South America) and many others. RealNetworks, Inc. acquired Atrativa in 2006.
Czerny also played an important role in Latin America’s video game industry between 1992 and 1999 as the co-founder of the Brazilian Entertainment and Video Game Association. He also served as the president of Romstar and Sports Arcade, companies with strategic and exclusive partnerships with Capcom for video game distribution in Latin America.
Czerny holds a degree in business administration with an emphasis in international business from San Jose State University in California.

  Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy is CEO of Sidebar, Inc., an innovative personalization technology company that is dedicated to bringing its  Smart Menu content recommendation solution to carriers, operators, platform and storefront providers to improve customer experiences. Sidebar is partnering with global leaders in the digital communications sector to deliver highly individualized experiences to consumers across all platforms and devices.
A recognized leader in the digital media space, Patrick has extensive experience in launching digital content delivery services across satellite television, broadband and mobile platforms.  Prior to Sidebar, Patrick spent two years as a strategic advisor to the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) where he helped position Singapore as a hub for digital content distribution across internet, mobile, and emerging distribution platforms. He was also a founding member of the Singapore Digital Marketplace industry roundtable which helped to introduce new revenue models for broadband video in the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to this, Patrick was EVP at Sony Pictures Digital, where he oversaw the launch of industry leading content delivery services across broadband, mobile and interactive TV.
Patrick has keynoted at such events as CTIA Wireless and Milia and he is an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Interactive Media Peer Group as well as Enterprise Ireland's U.S. advisory board. He sits on several advisory boards and is an active participant at the Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California, and in the Singapore Digital Marketplace Forum.  He received a National Science Foundation Fellowship for graduate work at Stanford University where he received a Master of Science and Ph.D. A.B.D. in electrical engineering.

  Gavin Kim
  Vice President, Content & Data Services and Enterprise Mobility
  Samsung Telecommunications America



Gavin Kim is Vice President of Content & Data Services and Enterprise Mobility for Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile).  Gavin has responsibility for incubating Samsung’s content/developer partnerships, and leading strategy and development of Samsung Mobile’s software products and services for wireless devices.  He also has responsibility for building Samsung’s Enterprise (B2B) business in the United States.
Prior to joining Samsung, Gavin held the role of Vice President at Advanced Technology Ventures (ATV), an early-stage venture fund, where he focused on investments in mobile and media software companies.  Gavin came to ATV from Motorola where he was responsible for product planning and operations for mobile devices with Sprint Nextel.  Gavin has also held business development and management positions with PacketVideo Corporation and Ascend Communications.
Gavin holds an M.B.A from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering from Cornell University.

  Joe Lynam
  CEO and Founder

Joe Lynam has spent the last two decades as one of the leading pioneers of digital payment. He created the vision and developed patented digital payment solutions including the industry's fastest-growing carrier billing service at PaymentOne. Lynam's early work in online payment methods, authentication tools, and comprehensive fraud control techniques now are emerging as industry-wide standards.  Lynam is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive with proven ability to lead companies through profitable double and triple digit growth. Under his leadership, PaymentOne has more than doubled its revenues for four consecutive years, culminating in two Deloitte Fast 50 Awards, recently noted as the 11th fastest growing technology company in Silicon Valley, and 33rd fastest growing company in North America.  Previously, Lynam founded and led a telecommunications billing and payments company, VRS Billing Systems, which was successfully acquired by AT&T. Within three years, Lynam took that organization from startup to annual retail billings of more than $300 million. He also spent time at AT&T earlier in his career, where he was General Manager of the MultiQuest business unit and responsible for all third party billing and merchant relations.
Lynam holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Finance from Santa Clara University.

  Dan Mo
  Sr. Program Manager
  T-Mobile USA




Dan is a senior program manager at T-Mobile U.S.A.  He is managing the carrier’s data service programs such as the mobile content system, search and mobile board band products.  He has 20 years experience in telecom, 8 years in wireless.  Previously, he consulted at AT&T Wireless and helped managed wireless data, network and IT programs.  Prior to that, he helped build 3 software startup companies and launched numerous products from concept to market acceptance.  Two of these start-up companies were successfully acquired by larger companies.  He holds an MBA and M.Sc. in computer science.  He is actively involved in non-profit organizations.  He is the president of the T-Mobile Toastmaster Club and also the president of a Seattle high tech professional association of 300 members.
At MEF, Dan currently serves as the Chair of Finance committee overseeing MEF's budget and all financial activities to ensure clear ROI.  He also serve on the Market Communications Committee to manage marketing plan - events, PR, Products (webinars, surveys, white papers, etc.) - to clearly link with achieving chapter KPIs and ensure alignment of MEF’s brand and messaging to agreed Global standard.

  John Orlando
  EVP, Worldwide Marketing and Business Development
  Sixth Sense Media


John Orlando is EVP of Worldwide Marketing and Business Development for Sixth Sense Media. He is responsible for market and service strategy, corporate marketing, and partner development. John’s primary focus is to foster the use of mobile as an effective marketing and advertising channel for both mobile operators and brands. John currently serves as a Special Advisor for the global trade organization MEF (Mobile Entertainment Forum) and was previously Chair and Vice Chairman of MEF Americas.
A recognized figure in the mobile communications industry, John’s career has spanned the breadth of the mobile industry -- from technology platforms to mobile entertainment services, mobile marketing and advertising. John has worked with more than 30 mobile operators worldwide, capturing significant market share in the mobile media, entertainment, and content space.
Prior to RateIntegration, John held the roles of President of 2ergo Americas, a mobile marketing solutions provider, CMO of LiveWire Mobile, a mobile personalization and music company, and CMO of NMS Communications, a mobile enabling technology supplier. John was named to Mobile Entertainment Magazine‘s Top 50 Mobile Executives in 2008.

  Massimiliano Pellegrini
  Dada Entertainment


Recently appointed Managing Director of S.p.A., the subsidiary company that manages all consumer business for Dada S.p.A., a leading international provider of web and mobile community and entertainment services, Max Pellegrini has played a key role in the internationalization of the company’s D2C product, in the U.S., Spanish and Latin American markets. At the creation of Dada Entertainment LLC, a joint venture between Dada and Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Max was appointed CEO in October 2007 and he still covers this role.
Before joining Dada in May 2000, Pellegrini worked for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), where as a Senior Manager in the Strategic Services Division he specialized in the planning and integration of complex programs of organizational change. In AC he worked with clients operating in the oil and chemistry industry and the utility sector specializing in Internet Economy as the General Manager of a start-up company held by AC.
Massimiliano Pellegrini graduated from the University of Florence in 1993 majoring in Business Administration. He later specialized in Business Finance and General Management at St. Joseph University in Philadelphia.

  Cindy Tai
  Vice President, Products and Marketing

Cindy Tai is the Vice President of Products & Marketing at OpenMarket, a service that facilitates mobile payments and content sales via the mobile channel. While At OpenMarket, Ms. Tai oversees the company’s product management, business development, carrier relations, and marketing functions. Prior to joining OpenMarket, Ms. Tai was the Director of Product Marketing at Qpass.
Ms. Tai has over 15 years experience in the wireless and computer software industries. She began her career at Andersen Consulting, and has held numerous positions in product management at Oracle and Portal Software. Ms. Tai actively participates in the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF), Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and the CTIA Wireless Association.

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