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MEF LATAM General Manager

  Filipe Roup Rosa
  MEF LATAM General Manager




Filipe began working at MEF LATAM as General Manager since the launch of the regional chapter in November 2009. He aims to help the region to grow in terms and revenues and innovation, becoming one of the world’s leading markets in Telecom.
He has worked for more than 10 years in Mobile Value Added Services, and has been a Partner at Result since 2008, working as a consultant and interim manager of several leading Global mobile companies as they enter the Brazilian market.
Filipe started his professional career as a Product Manager at TMN (Portuguese Mobile Carrier), and later in 2002 he moved to Brazil to drive the Business Development efforts at VIVO (Top5 carrier in the world). He then jump started his entrepreneurial spirit by founding and becoming CEO of Mobile Fun, one of the TOP MVAS companies in Brazil, which he later sold in 2006 to Itouch-Movilisto (currently part of the Buongiorno group).
Based in Sao Paulo Brazil, Filipe counts with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the Universidade Católica in Portugal, as well as MBA from the Fundação Gertulio Vargas in Brazil and is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. 


MEF LATAM Board of Directors

  Ron Czerny
  Founder & CEO, Playphone



As founder, chief executive officer and board member, Ron Czerny (pronounced “Cher-nee”) serves as the visionary and driving force behind PlayPhone’s corporate strategy. His more than 14 years of experience in the digital entertainment industry has allowed Czerny to help establish PlayPhone’s dominance in the mobile media industry and has positioned the company to compete and thrive on a global scale.
In 2000, Czerny founded Atrativa, a mobile and Internet consumer entertainment company with operations based mainly in Latin America as chief executive officer, Czerny led Atrativa to its current status as the premier Web game provider in South America, powering several major ISPs including UOL (South America’s largest ISP), Yahoo! Brazil, AOL Brazil, MSN Brazil, Ibest (Telecom Brazil), Terra Networks (North and South America) and many others. RealNetworks, Inc. acquired Atrativa in 2006.
Czerny also played an important role in Latin America’s video game industry between 1992 and 1999 as the co-founder of the Brazilian Entertainment and Video Game Association. He also served as the president of Romstar and Sports Arcade, companies with strategic and exclusive partnerships with Capcom for video game distribution in Latin America.
Czerny holds a degree in business administration with an emphasis in international business from San Jose State University in California. 

  Jorge Partidas
  MEF LATAM Vice-Chair
  Co-Founder & CEO, WAU M



Jorge Partidas is a successful entrepreneur with special interest in connecting the Americas as a unified marketplace for its multiple initiatives. For the past 10 years Partidas has focused on new media and mobile ventures.
In 2002 Partidas founded WAU Móvil, a leader in the field of mobile connectivity and billing throughout Latin America. WAU works directly with over 50 mobile operators with offices in 17 countries serving the leading global companies deploy their services throughout the region (i.e. Microsoft, Yahoo!, Samsung, Sony Ericsson). He currently serves as CEO.
Before founding WAU, Partidas was CEO at LatCel, a mobile service provider focused on serving US Hispanics. LatCel is a Joint Venture between WAU Móvil and the Cisneros Group of Companies. Jorge has been invited as a speaker to over 10 industry related events in the past few years. He serves on the Board of Directors of LatCel, Alternet Systems (OTCBB: ALYI) and eDioma.

  Rafaela Furtado
  Mobile Business Manager
  Abril Digital



Rafaela Furtado joined Abril Digital in July 2009 as Mobile Business Manager of the company's mobile/digital department. She has more than 8 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and before coming to Abril, she worked as VAS Manager at TIM Brasil for 3 years, leading all the partnerships and managing contracts of the VAS department. She began working in the mobile business at CycleLogic Mobile Solution company in 2002- which was originally StarMedia Mobile - as a VAS Coordinator.
Rafaela's main responsibilities were managing carriers and content providers relationships including product development and commercial deals. Whilst there, she served in a number of leadership roles of each company that included regulatory, legal, competitive analysis, commercial deals and product marketing contributions. Rafaela Furtado has been an active professional with great experience in the Mobile Business and because she has been in the industry since the beginning she has built a huge network including almost 100% of Brazilian and international companies such as Integrators, Aggregators, Content Providers, Mobile Operators, Mobile Phone Suppliers and other players of the Telecommunications Market.

  Ana Paula Lima
  Sales Director VAS
  Spring Wireless



For almost a decade, Ana Paula has played a key role in the development of the Brazilian VAS market, having worked for prominent companies from different segments of the industry, such as Gradiente Telecom, SupportComm and Okto.
With an academic background in Marketing, Ana Paula came to Spring Wireless (Okto at that time) in 2006, to lead the company’s integration of Download services. She developed the integration process, and built liaisons with carriers to launch the main players in this segment such as Dada, Playphone and Zero 9.
Ana Paula actively participated in structuring and launching the company’s interactive media services. She contributed to the development of products and services in collaboration with format owners and leading TV networks in Brazil such as Band, Endemol, Fremantle, Record, Rede TV and SBT.
She has been actively involved with several of the most successful mobile entertainment services available in Brazil: from the development of service and business models, to ensuring that services meet carriers’ feasibility requirements.

  Jose Renato Mannis
  Founder & General Manager




Jose Renato has a broad experience in the entertainment industry, dealing with the licensing of documentaries, musicals, feature films and television programs for kiosk and retail distribution in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, and dealing also with acquisitions directly from producers like BBC and through distributors at MIPTV/ MIPCOM (Cannes), NATPE and AFM (US).
He has handled the licensing of musical content from independent and major record labels and music publishers and carried negotiations with local and international associations (ABPD/ABLF, ABER, ABEM and IFPI).
Jose Renato's global and long term experience converged to the mobile arena when he founded MOBINT with Sergio D'Antino, in 2007.  MOBINT delivers mobile marketing campaigns recognized for the technical and creative quality of the contents conceived.
Jose Renato has joined forces with the other members of MEF LATAM board to address the agenda on double taxation, regulatory regime and sales reporting. His experience complete the experience of the other members, establishing a multidisciplinary board.

Fernando Pensado
Business Operations Director Brazil

Fernando Pensado, 34, joined Neomobile in 2008 and is the Brazil Director.

He is in charge of planning, directing, managing and overseeing the operations in Brazil. He entered Neomobile as Business Development Manager and became soon the Country Manager for Brazil.

Before starting in Neomobile, Fernando was the business development manager for 2 years and responsible for the start up operation of Buongiorno in Brazil. Earlier, he co-founded Pirus Tecnologia, a software technology company focused on research mobile solutions with strategic partnerships like São Paulo University and VIVO. At Arremate/DeRemate Inc, he was responsible for interactive marketing area and business development. Fernando started his career at TVACable Television and in the Marketing department of Kodak.

Fernando has a post-graduation in Marketing at UC Berkeley, a Bachelor in Business Administration at Pontificia Universidade Católica de São Paulo and MBA on Strategic and Economic Business Management at Fundação Getulio Vargas – São Paulo.

Paulo Pessoa
General Manager
TIM w.e

Paulo Pessoa is the Brazil General Manager of TIM w.e , a global Interactive Marketing & Sales firm with a strong and long lasting presence in LATAM (9 offices, operations in >15 countries and in the region for >5 years). Paulo has a deep experience working in the mobile and telecom arenas having occupied several Executive Marketing and Strategy positions in leading Brazilian and Portuguese firms including Embratel, Primesys and Portugal Telecom.  
Paulo aims also to leverage TIM w.e's solid global and local network of contacts to drive the adoption by telecom regulators of best regulation and taxation practices (like promotions approval and VAS licenses amongst others).

  Filipo Satolli
  Regional Mobile Director BU
  Dada SpA



After joining as Operation Manager and Business Support for the Brazilian unit, Filippo Satolli became Regional Mobile Director for Latin America.  In this role, Filippo developed a strong knowledge of LATAM VAS markets and solid relationships with the main LATAM telco operators, top music labels and principal mobile companies, helping his company in expanding operations around Latin America.
Dada S.p.A. is the Digital Entertainment branch of RCS Mediagroup, one of the top European Media Companies. Today Dada is organized around 2 main areas of business: (community & entertainment services focusing on the music) and DadaPro (professional services for the presence & advertising services on the Net).
Filippo started his career at Accenture S.p.A where he gained a deep understanding of the telecommunications industry managing strategic projects for the leading telecommunications companies in Italy and deepening his expertise in the arena.
Filippo earned his degree in Business Administration from the well-known Bocconi University in Milan. 

Pieter van Dijk
Partner, Advisory, Performance & Technology

Pieter van Dijk is Partner of KPMG Brazil and is the advisory sector lead for ICE - Information, Communications and Entertainment. He holds and MA in Accountancy and Economics from the University of Dundee, Scotland and is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Certified Accountants.
He has over 20 years of professional experience and 15 years of working in Latin America, principally in Brazil.  Pieter has managed and delivered accounting advisory, regulatory, risk and compliance and business performance improvement services to many of the leading Latin American communications and entertainment companies.  Over the past 3 years, he has been involved in engagements auditing and advising clients on the distribution and transacting of digital content.

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