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In 2010 the Qtel Group co-founded the first MEF Middle East Office at Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) in Doha to strengthen the regional ecosystem and promote investment in local content. The Mobile Innovation hub will play a major role in developing new mobile applications, solutions in health and education services, and will be a main driver for supporting mobile innovation in the MENA region. QSTP is home to many international technology brands, as well as being an incubator for start-up companies and the site for several leading universities.

The MEF Middle East office is responsible for liaising with regional members and establishing a networking ecosystem, as well as localising strategic MEF initiatives for the MENA region. Regular events will attract both existing and potential regional members, as well as attendees from MEF’s global membership to encourage knowledge exchange. In addition, the localisation of key MEF initiatives will help bridge the innovation gap and stimulate further innovation in mobile services and products.

“Mobile applications and content development are still in their infancy in the MENA region,” commented Dr. Nasser Marafih, CEO of the Qtel Group. “Given the rapid growth in 3G networks and increased uptake in smartphones, local content represents the missing element to drive adoption of mobile data services. In Qatar, for example, 90% of the Internet content and traffic is international and only 5% is local*. By co-founding the establishment of the local MEF office, and our partnership with QSTP and QUWIC, we aim to support the creation of a sophisticated local mobile application and content ecosystem to accelerate growth of the mobile content industry in the MENA region.”

“We are delighted that our plans to have presence in the MENA region through the MEF Middle East office in Qatar have come to fruition and are looking forward to working with our partners to accelerate growth in mobile media,” commented Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg MEF EMEA Chairman. “The mobile entertainment sector is a $36bn global industry and the Middle East was identified as a key growth market in our most recent membership survey. By engaging stakeholders across the value chain, at both a local and international level, we aim to stimulate further innovation and growth and create competitive advantage for our members.”

Dr. Tidu Maini, Science and Technology Advisor, Chairman Qatar Science & Technology Park said: “We would like to welcome the Qtel Group and MEF to QSTP, which is further evidence of our active involvement into mobile innovation research in Qatar and the region. We are delighted to add another renowned organization to our portfolio of collaborations with leading international companies, mainly in the field of technology. The creation of new technology is at the heart of our vision, which is aligned to Qatar’s 2030 vision.”  

* Qtel/AD Little Analysis, Information society statistics profiles

MEF Middle East Member Relations and Marketing

  George Daaboul
  Member Relations and Marketing, ME




George joined MEF in September 2010 as part of the Member Relations & Marketing team (Middle East region).
Fluent in French, English and Arabic and with a BSc in Computer Science from the American University of Beirut, George has previously worked as a software developer in Lebanon and, prior to MEF, was employed as Sales & Recruitment Manager for R&S Petroleum Services in Qatar.
Based in Doha, his role is to focus on liaising with local members, organising regional activities, pushing for the localisation of initiatives as well as recruitment and sponsorship.

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