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About MEF

The Mobile Entertainment Forum is the global trade association of the mobile media industry, working on behalf of its diverse membership to drive mobile entertainment adoption, shape regulation and deliver competitive advantage to its members

  • MEF initiatives change the industry
    MEF anticipates, defines and addresses issues and opportunities for the industry that monetises mobile media, by  identifying sustainable business solutions, promoting best practice and influencing policy to accelerate the business
  • MEF insights provide competitive advantage
    MEF is the global forum for the exchange of unique insights and expertise which creates competitive advantage for its members through trade development, the sharing of knowledge and connection to industry leaders
  • MEF policy protects your business
    MEF engages stakeholders across the mobile entertainment industry at both a local and international level, to shape regulation and raise awareness of its effective implementation with the aim of protecting revenues and ensuring a positive consumer experience

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what we do

MEF’s activities and membership have both a global reach and a local influence: key activities include lobbying on industry issues, providing comment & analysis, as well as organising educational briefings and networking events.

Through our programme of initiatives, MEF brings together industry leaders to progress opportunities, track trends and tackle industry challenges.

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MEF Rules and Policies

who we are

Global HQ

The London-based headquarters handles global strategy, acts as brand guardian, oversees financial matters and is responsible for the annual Meffys awards.

MEF Global HQ


MEF Chapters

MEF also has representation in the Americas, Asia and Europe, providing local member benefits, such as workshops, panel discussions and localised initiatives.

MEF N America
MEF Asia

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